Mindful Walking

Mindfully walking in a forest or a city, we can lose our way, just as in the mind we can become lost inside ourselves, confused, and lose touch with what’s true and with our values. Following a walking path is often easier than achieving clarity in the mind and in life. Walking in Manhattan, orientation is easy because most streets are on the grid system. But the life path, and the mind, have no such orderly grid. What’s the road to happiness, we wonder? To skillfully navigate both outer and inner worlds, Mindfulness establishes Right Understanding, which means accurate perception. Walking Mindfully, we first establish Right Understanding on the physical level, by clearly focusing on a tree,

Walking In Nature

Walking in natural places affects us differently than moving through man-made environs. A forest or meadow untouched by human design plugs into something uncomplicated in the mind and heart. They speak to us, not in words or ideas, but by reflecting something in us we’ve forgotten: Simple presence. They invite mindfulness—simply being aware, without thinking, planning or worry. They cue us to look and see differently—with openness, wonder, with the curiosity of a child. Encountering a tree, if we’re mindful, we perceive its essence, its unselfconscious tree-ness. It’s not trying to please us, and isn’t wishing it was somewhere else, doing something else. Each tree, hill, weed and bumblebee,

Yoga in the Workplace? Discover Why Corporate Yoga Programs Are Growing

One of the most rewarding things about teaching yoga in the workplace is seeing the tangible relaxation appearing on the faces of participants in the first session. What a win-win for employee and employer— the benefits of stress reduction, refreshed energy, and mental focus—without anyone even leaving the office. HR is happy. Employees feel taken care of. Productivity is supported. It’s a beautiful thing to see. Workplace yoga is convenient and time-efficient, as it comes to employees on-site. They quickly return to work with that magic contradiction of yoga—relaxed and rejuvenated. Increasingly, workplace yoga programs are embraced by progressive-minded companies. Yoga offers an easy, low-

Tapping Into Inner Awareness with Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu Yoga is perhaps best known for its unique focus of balancing physical strength, flexibility and radiant health with enhanced self-awareness. Typically, a Kripalu Yoga teacher will incorporate breathing, physical postures and meditation techniques into a class, to help students achieve both physical fitness and body and mind awareness. Kripalu Yoga uses fluid movements that help the student develop new levels of attunement to the body. An intimate, nurturing and empowering relationship with the body is created. Body and mind begin to work together to create balance, harmony and intuition. Two simple but powerful principles Kripalu Yoga teachers use are energy and awareness, known as P

Moon Salutation

MOON SALUTATION – CHANDRA NAMASKAR There are times when we need a more restorative, quieting and soothing practice. Moon Salutation invites you to calm the nervous system, go inward and cultivate introspection. Combine it with pranayama, and follow by meditation to help you wind down at the end of the day. This version of Moon Salutation comes from the Kripalu tradition. Start in Mountain Pose, with palms together in Anjali Mudra (Prayer Pose). Ground through the feet, hip-width apart. Connect to your breath. Inhale and sweep the arms out and overhead, in the shape of an imaginary full moon. Bring the palms together, hands in steeple position by interlacing the fingers and pointing the index

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