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On-Demand Videos

Practice wherever you want, whenever you need.

With over 20 classes on demand, you can experience the benefits of your yoga practice at home or when you travel. Choose from  Hatha Yoga and meditative flow practices to classes with a specific focus and tutorials, ranging from 25 to 60 minutes in length.

From $21/month

JointFreeingSeries2 copy.jpg

 25 mins 

Joint-Freeing Series

A practice designed to move each joint gently and systematically through its full and natural range of motion to enhance joint mobility and relieve joint pain and stiffness. Some of these poses can be done from a chair.  

CultivCalmBalancing Poses copy.jpg

 35 mins 

Cultivating Calm with Balancing Poses

A class focusing on balancing poses to increase strength, improve coordination, and train the mind to focus and concentrate. The ability to concentrate is crucial in daily life where quick reaction time is the key to preventing injury.

DynamicCoreFlow copy.jpg

40 mins 

Dynamic Core Flow

A dynamic flow with creative sequencing of postures and breathwork designed to awaken and empower the core and access full aliveness in the body. It offers a good workout while restoring balance between mind and body, helping you achieve optimal physical and emotional functioning.

Free the Hips copy.jpg

 45 mins 

Free The Hips

Combining active and passive poses, with modifications for various levels of fitness and flexibility, this sequence will help create suppleness, improve range of motion in the muscles surrounding the hips, and relieve stress in the lower back.

TwistsForVitalityandBalance copy.jpg

 35 mins 

Twists for Vitality and Balance

Twisting, or rotation of the torso, is an important movement for flexibility and function, as it aligns the spine, creating space between the vertebrae. Including twists in our yoga practice regularly is important to generate a greater sense of ease and freedom of movement in daily life.

Uplifted Expansive and Grounded copy.jpg

 45 mins 

Uplifted, Expansive and Grounded

A yoga practice to explore fascia—the connective tissue network—to create more openness, freedom and ease of movement, following the line of fascia from feet through the front of the legs to the hips, and up from belly and chest to neck muscles and the base of the skull, inviting the chest and shoulders to open.

Mobile Hips Strong Legs copy.jpg

 40 mins 

Mobile Hips Strong Legs

In this practice we use a circular action to the hips to gain strength and stretch in the outer hip and inner thigh, improving overall flexibility and increasing hip mobility, creating deeper awareness in the hip and groin area, building strength and gradually expanding the range of motion.

Uplifted Expansive and Grounded copy.jpg

 40 mins 

Yoga Sequence for Neck and Shoulder Tension

This class focuses on poses to release tension in the upper body, building strength in the shoulders while training the neck and shoulder muscles to relax. Practice this sequence often and learn to create ease where you tend to hold tension and stress, find relief from pain, and improve your posture. 

Meditative Slow Flow Yoga Practice copy.jpg

 35 mins 

Meditative Slow Flow Yoga Practice

A nourishing practice that is a blend of pranayama, asana, and guided relaxation. It features creative slow-flowing movement linked by the breath and easy-to-follow alignment instructions to increase flexibility and strength, develop concentration, and calm the mind. Ends with a guided Full Body Alternate Nostril Breath visualization.

PlankPose_FULL copy.jpg

 20 mins 

Plank Pose Demystified

A brief tutorial with alignment instructions, modifications and variations for Plank Pose to make it more accessible regardless of your level of fitness. Learn how to activate and engage the key muscles to build more strength. Includes helpful ways to modify for wrist pain, and a variation for extra challenge.

Balancing Half Moon Demystified copy.jpg


Balancing Half Moon Demystified

A brief tutorial with alignment tips and modifications for finding balance, stability, and—most importantly—confidence. Balancing Half Moon improves balance, helps relieve stress and increases body proprioception—which is the body’s ability to perceive its own position in space. 

Open Your Heart copy.jpg

 50 mins 

Open Your Heart Yoga Flow

A heart opening practice with pranayama exercises and accessible backbends to improve posture and assist in undoing long-term postural habits of rounding forward. Deep breathing helps us create extension and length in the spine, increase flexibility of the ribs, and release tension in the shoulders

Moon_Salutation copy.jpg

 30 mins 

Moon Salutation Flow

A receptive, meditative and calming sequence of Moon Salutation focuses on side stretches, hip opening, strengthening the core and stretching the spine. The sequence can be practiced on its own as a restorative routine or as part of a longer yoga practice.

PigeonPose_FULL copy.jpg

 20 mins 

Pigeon Pose Demystified

A tutorial that explores key alignment tips and takes you step by step into full Pigeon Pose, using props, honoring your body and its limitations. Not suitable for students who’ve had knee surgery or hip replacements to avoid potential joint damage.

40min-EnergizingFlowjpg copy.jpg

 40 mins 

40-Minute Energizing Flow

A moderately vigorous, dynamic flow with creative sequencing of postures and breathwork to awaken energy in the body. Develop strength, flexibility and balance while simultaneously releasing chronic tension and cultivating body awareness in a mindful and nurturing way.

LoosenUp & Unwind copy.jpg

 50 mins 

Loosen-Up and Unwind

A balanced sequence of yoga postures that stretch and strengthen the entire body, releasing chronic tension, especially in the neck, chest and shoulders, and hip area. Choose the level of physical intensity right for your body and explore the edge to generate the energy you need to feel fully alive.

CoreAwakeningSeq_FULL copy.jpg

 50 mins 

Core Awakening Sequence

Explore different types of movement through some fun sequencing—working with the whole myofascial network. With mindful attention to breath, gradually building from simple to complex, move through familiar core-strengthening and balancing poses but mixing some new transitions, to cultivate strength and resilience.

Strength and Grit copy.jpg

 50 mins 

Strength and Grit: New Twists on Balancing Poses

Growth happens when we step out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves in new ways. This yoga class explores familiar balancing postures, using repetitions and slow flowing breath, with the added challenge of unfamiliar transitions—to become stronger, more adaptable and more resilient.

Revitalizing Flow - Hips and Shoulders copy.jpg

 55 mins 

Revitalizing Flow - Hips and Shoulders

With attention to body, breath and mind, the goal of this moderately paced flow is to find balance in your body and some relief for even the most tight hips and shoulders, improving overall flexibility and increasing range of motion. Includes lunges, standing poses and Pigeon pose. 

Practice to Release Neck and Shoulder Tension copy.jpg

 40 mins 

Practice to Release Neck and Shoulder Tension

A class focusing on poses that help release tension in the upper body, and the neck and shoulder muscles. Pay attention to the balance of strength and stretch, create ease where you tend to hold tension and stress, find relief from pain, and improve your posture.  

Yoga Practice for Strength and Focus copy.jpg

 50 mins 

Yoga Practice for Strength and Focus

Blending alignment and breath awareness with creative sequencing of postures. Includes gentle shoulder warm up and hip flexors release, core-strengthening, lunges, and standing poses—to build strength and cultivate focus while restoring balance between mind and body.

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