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Lucie brings inspiring energy into her teaching, always emphasizing mindfulness of the body and emotions. She deeply understands the Kripalu methodology of yoga as a doorway into deeper self-awareness, compassion and skillful action. Dedicated to making yoga accessible for everyone, she cultivates a space for each individual student to be seen, while creating a strong sense of community.

-Bethany B.

Private Sessions

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Personalized Yoga and Mindfulness Coaching

Benefits of private sessions:

  • Address chronic injuries, pain, limitations

  • Learn at your own pace to build
    a proper foundation of technique
    and mastery

  • Develop sustainable and holistic

  • Ask questions as they arise and receive immediate feedback

People generally find me when they are seeking help to alleviate specific problems, learn principles of safe movement to improve functioning, heal from an injury, improve posture and help prevent injury, prepare for or recover from a surgery, regain lost confidence in their body or manage stress. Some are seeking progress on their path of yoga, some are looking for more gentle or restorative approach, and still others prefer to work one-on-one.

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Therapeutic Sessions

One-on-one therapeutic sessions for insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression or PTSD utilize techniques of yoga, yogic breathwork and Yoga Nidra as a therapeutic tool for healing. My goal is that you gain confidence, improve self-understanding and discover the wisdom of your own body—on more than just the physical level but also the emotional, mental, and intuitive level.

With a holistic approach and open-ended inquiry, I facilitate a process of self-discovery and increased self-awareness, guiding you to recognize and honor your own agency so that you feel empowered.

Interested in working one-on-one?

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Thai Yoga Bodywork

If you have never experienced Thai yoga bodywork, it is like "having someone do yoga and acupressure to you at the same time." It is based on the theory of the flow of energy along lines that run through the body. Acupressure points are found along these lines, which are used to stimulate or relax the body's energy, affecting the mind and body and promoting the natural healing process.


There's no oil used and the therapist uses the floor instead of a massage table. The client is dressed in comfortable clothing allowing ease of movement. Thai yoga can:

  • Prevent bone degeneration, decrease stress, and treat back pain

  • Increase the range of motion and muscular strength 

  • Contribute to psychological well-being

Free Video

Gentle Shoulder Warm Up

Many of us have the habit of guarding ourselves in stressful situations by tightening the muscles in our neck and shoulders and this tendency can be further aggravated by driving or by sitting at a desk all day. In this 6-minute video we will release tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. Repeat this sequence often to create ease where you tend to hold tension and stress, find relief from pain, and improve your posture.

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I started working with Lucie about six years ago, after my second knee replacement. Our weekly sessions have been a source of healing, strength and solace ever since. My legs are more flexible than I had ever imagined, and my yoga practice has also brought me peace of mind. I am deeply grateful for her teaching, her skill and her kindness.

- George C.

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