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Tapping Into Inner Awareness with Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu Yoga is perhaps best known for its unique focus of balancing physical strength, flexibility and radiant health with enhanced self-awareness. Typically, a Kripalu Yoga teacher will incorporate breathing, physical postures and meditation techniques into a class, to help students achieve both physical fitness and body and mind awareness. Kripalu Yoga uses fluid movements that help the student develop new levels of attunement to the body. An intimate, nurturing and empowering relationship with the body is created. Body and mind begin to work together to create balance, harmony and intuition. Two simple but powerful principles Kripalu Yoga teachers use are energy and awareness, known as Prana and Chitta in Sanskrit. Students learn to cultivate high levels of life energy, while balancing it with fine-tuned awareness. The goal is for the student to have access to abundant physical energy and a focused mind to apply the energy skillfully. Along with supporting students to develop a healthy lifestyle and strong health, the Kripalu methodology often facilitates personal transformation and psychological growth in the natural unfolding of the student’s yoga education. Individuals actively seeking a means of self- empowerment and inner awareness are most likely to benefit from Kripalu Yoga, which uses the body as a vehicle to cultivate optimal mental states.


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