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Yoga in the Workplace? Discover Why Corporate Yoga Programs Are Growing

One of the most rewarding things about teaching yoga in the workplace is seeing the tangible relaxation appearing on the faces of participants in the first session. What a win-win for employee and employer— the benefits of stress reduction, refreshed energy, and mental focus—without anyone even leaving the office. HR is happy. Employees feel taken care of. Productivity is supported. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

Workplace yoga is convenient and time-efficient, as it comes to employees on-site. They quickly return to work with that magic contradiction of yoga—relaxed and rejuvenated.

Increasingly, workplace yoga programs are embraced by progressive-minded companies. Yoga offers an easy, low-cost and innovative solution for companies wanting to reduce health care expenses, relieve workplace stress and promote healthy lifestyles and well-being for employees.

After successful collaborations again last year with Harvard University, the MIT Sloan School of Management, Mount Auburn Hospital, and others, Lucky Me YOGA is ready to help implement yoga in your workplace. If you’re considering developing a program for your setting, contact us at

Many professions often require work for long periods in a sedentary position, in high stress, or performing repetitive tasks—resulting in a variety of health problems, sick time, and decreased motivation and productivity. Offering yoga in the workplace is a cost-effective way for employers to reduce health-related absenteeism and increase productivity and job satisfaction. Yoga offers simple, safe, and practical techniques that reduce muscle tension, revitalize the immune system, and increase overall well-being and performance.

Research indicates that companies who offer yoga and wellness programs to their employees reduce their annual health insurance premiums, and thereby improve their bottom line. In a recent study on worksite health programs, employers realized $3-$6 in savings for every $1 invested in wellness programs. The same study showed more than a 25% average reduction in health-care costs for well-designed programs (American Journal of Health Promotion).

There is conclusive evidence that offering even one yoga session a week brings noted changes in employee behavior by helping them manage stress better, enhance cognitive skills and creative thinking, improve communication skills, cultivate leadership and teamwork, and increase overall effectiveness in the workplace.

A well designed yoga program is suitable for all fitness and experience levels, even beginners. Lucky me YOGA designs yoga classes to accommodate those new to yoga, and offer options throughout the class to keep more advanced participants engaged. In a typical yoga session, the employees are guided in active movement, breath awareness, mindfulness meditation, and relaxation. Classes are usually 45 or 60-minutes, and are generally scheduled before/after work or during lunch hours.

Yoga can be easily practiced just about anywhere, such as a conference room or other empty space. Classes can range from gentle chair sessions to more challenging sessions with yoga mats. Yoga in the Workplace is highly adaptable and can be tailored to suit the needs of any organization.

Visit our Classes page for more information.


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