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Cultivating Self-Mastery for Inspired Living

6-Week Self-paced Online Course


Are you ready to grow beyond the basics of yoga postures to explore the deeper wisdom and subtle practices that make yoga an ever-evolving process of self-understanding, self-care and empowerment? Join a supportive community of fellow seekers in an experiential 6-week course that explores the inner path of yoga. Each 90-minute session includes conceptual and experiential learning.

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It takes willingness and courage to walk the path of yoga. You show up regularly for a yoga class, you might even have your own personal practice. In this self-paced course, you will be given the tools to grow beyond the basics of yoga postures—to explore the deeper wisdom and subtle practices that make yoga an ever-evolving process of self-understanding, self-care and empowerment. As we weave the physical practices with the inner path of yoga, you'll cultivate skillful living and a lifetime of vitality, radiant health and emotional well-being. 

A closer look at what’s included in the ASANA AND BEYOND: Cultivating Self Mastery for Inspired Living course. In this experiential 6-week course, the exploration includes six modules:


Yoga for Stress Resilience

  • Mind-Body Integration/Understanding the Nervous System 

  • Tools for Regulating the Nervous System

  • Skills to Manage Stress


Embodied Wisdom

  • Principles of Movement

  • Optimum and Pain-free Range of Motion

  • Preventing Yoga Injuries


Riding the Wave of Experience

  • Listening to Your Body

  • Practicing at the Edge

  • Distinguishing Between Habitual Patterns and Body Wisdom


Journey to the Subtle Yoga

  • Koshas - Five Aspects of Experience

  • The Conditional Self & True Self

  • Accessing Intuition Through Guided Meditations


Refilling the Well

  • Practicing Self Care

  • Thai Yoga Self-massage with Breathing

  • Tips for Restful Sleep & Yoga Nidra


Creating Space for Deep Listening

  • Conscious Communication & Compassion for Self and Others

  • Cultivating Inner Wisdom and Authentic Self-expression

  • Building Community through Presence and Empathy

Our shared intention is to draw on the rich tradition of yoga empowering skills to help you develop strategies to respond to the demands of life from a place of spaciousness, mastery and awareness, and achieve optimal physical, mental and emotional well- being.


At the end of this course, you will:

  • Increase awareness of how skillful yoga practice impacts a sense of self-mastery and wise perspectives on the world

  • Establish a greater philosophical foundation and discover more tools for understanding how asana, pranayama and meditation relate

  • Be ready to nurture your personal path of yoga to support you to meet your unique life goals

  • Have tools to take your yoga practice ‘off the mat’, with resilience to meet life challenges with greater equanimity

  • Generate a blueprint for a lifetime of satisfying practice 

Full Course Tuition: $180 (Sliding scale pricing available for those facing financial hardship, please contact me)

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