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Prague Retreat Guide - June 2024

B&B Contact info
Dum U Velké Boty / House at the Big Boot
Address: Vlašská 30, Praha 1
Phone: +420 257 532 088

Check in

12 noon - will try to accommodate early arrival, luggage storage available

Check out

1 1 AM

Accommodation includes

breakfast, wi-fi, coffee and tea available all day,

other beverages for purchase

Lucie’s Contact

Whatsapp and Text +1 413-210-9078

Veronika’s Contact

Whatsapp +54 911 3023 6977

US Embassy Prague
Address: Tržište 15, Praha 1
Phone: +420 272 101 800
Mon-Fri by appt only


Transport (airport and city)
Uber, Bolt, Taxi Blue Angel / Taxi Modr
ý Andel) - English speaking operators. Download apps Uber, Bolt and connect your credit card to it

Time zone
Prague is 6 hours ahead of standard ET -

bring melatonin tablets


Pack extra clothes in your carry-on

Good walking shoes

Clothes for walking and yoga

(check local weather forecast)


If your luggage is delayed - window to report it is right next to the luggage carousels.




(expiration more than 6 months of return date)

Copy of passport

Another form of ID

(i.e. drivers license)


Street clothes
(layers for warmer or cooler weather)


One warmer layer


Good walking shoes

Second pair of shoes


Yoga clothes

Clothes for an evening cultural event

(dress code smart casual)

Load of laundry at B&B $16




Yoga mat and yoga strap (HuggerMugger Travel mat is inexpensive, foldable)

Blanket or one yoga block for sitting (optional)

(thin wool blanket or small fleece can be
very practical and versatile, for light yak wool blankets check out Tibetan stores)




European plug adapter

Phone charger





Debit card

Credit card(s)
second credit card as a back-up


in $20 bills to exchange, $250-300

(Czech crown currency, approx $1=22/23 Kc)


  • ATM throughout the city, know your debit card PIN, test it at your bank at home.

  • Avoid airport ATMs if possible (the minimum amount to exchange is often large).

  • Avoid independent ATMs such as Travelex, Euronext, Cashzone, or YourCash.

  • Use bank-run ATM. When withdrawing money - refuse conversion, choose the local currency.

  • Report your travel dates/places to your bank.

  • Contactless options, ApplePay.

  • Many places accept credit cards but some take only cash.




Good day pack

(pick pocket proof)

Fold-up tote bag

Rain gear - small umbrella or rain jacket

Water bottle

Melatonin (3-5 mg)

(first dose taken at dinner time on your departure day if flying overnight)

Arnica gel - for sore feet and legs, bruises


Medications, Covid test, face masks

Sun screen, sun hat

Small notebook, pen

Face wipes, hand sanitizer (optional)

Nutritious snacks, nuts, protein bars

(apples will be available at B&B)


Please see the list of currently recommended restaurants by the B&B within a walking distance, in no particular order:



around the corner, good food and ambiance

St. Martin Bistro

around the corner, simpler but nice



Malostranska Beseda


Lokál u Bílé Kuželky



Cafe Savoy

Michelin recommended, yet casual restaurants.

Top food made affordable.

Reservation must.



International food:

Cafe de Paris



Marina Ristorante




Staré Mesto (Old Town)


Traditional Czech cuisine


good quality Czech classics (open until late, Dlouhá 33)

Restaurace Mlejnice

a fun little pub 2 blocks from the Old Town Sq, hearty salads, modern Czech plates (open daily, Kožná 14)



Lehká Hlava

wide-ranging menu of veggie takes on international cuisine, daily lunch specials are a good value (Boršov 2)

Maitrea Vegetarian Restaurant

extensive, creative menu, vegan-friendly, cheap lunch specials (Open Mon-Fri, Týnská 6)

Dhaba Beas Cafeteria

food sold by weight (open daily, behind Týn Church Týnská 19)




Kogo Havelská

modern take on traditional Italian cuisine, make their own bread and desserts (open daily, Havelská 29)

Indian Jewel

(Rybná 9)

La Casa Blu

Mexican (open daily, Sun from 2 PM, corner of Kozí and Bílkova)


Malá Strana (Lesser Town)

Malostranská Beseda

traditional Czech, vegetarian fare and fresh fish, 3 settings: ground floor restaurant, beer hall downstairs, cafe on the right, it’s ok to have only coffee or cake (Malostranské Námestí 21)

Lokál u Bílé Kuželky

(open daily, Míšenská 12)

Bistro St. Martin

(open daily, Vlašská 7)

Naturezza Vegetarian House

vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free (open daily until 5 PM, beautiful outdoor patio)


near the riverfront, freshly made pasta, small menu, includes fine fish and meat dishes, daily (Malostranské Nábreží 558)

Roesel Beer and Food

has outdoor seating (Mostecká 45)

Mlýnská Kavárna

on Kampa Island, simple small dishes, outdoor patio, good beer

Bread Gap

bistro serving sandwiches, soup, coffee (open Mon-Fri, closes at 4 PM, Tržište 371)



Hradcany (Castle Quarter)


Host Restaurant

views of the Lesser Town and Petrín Hill, imaginative menu, daily (hidden in the middle of a staircase between Loretánská and Úvoz streets, #15)

Malý Buddha

peaceful, low lit escape (cash only, closed Monday, Úvoz 46 between the castle and Strahov Monastery)

U Zavešenýho Kafe a Divadlo Pokracuje

(By the Hanging Coffee and the Show Goes On) - creative little pub/restaurant, you can “hang a coffee” by paying for an extra coffee (Open daily until late, Loretánská 13)


small terrace with great views, Czech classics with a modern twist (Open daily, Hradcanské Námestí 1)

Kavárna ve Šternberském Paláci

the locals’ get away from the tourist scene on Castle Square. Tucked behind the Archbishop’s Palace. Soup or goulash with bread and drinks in a quiet courtyard at unbeatable prices.

(Open Tue-Sun until 6 PM, Hradcanské Námestí 15)

Kavárna Nový Svet

a tasty cake and coffee break from the tourist crowds, either in a cozy interior or a beautiful garden setting (Open Tue-Sun until 7 PM, Nový Svet 2)

Nové Mesto (New Town)


Traditional Czech

Restaurace u Pinkasu

popular for solid, basic Czech grub. Sit inside, in front to watch the street action, or out back in a delightful garden (open daily, near the bottom of Wenceslas Square, Jungmannovo Námestí 16)

Café Louvre

an elegant favorite from long ago, opened in 1902, classic atmosphere. Czech classics, vegetarian dishes, lunch specials at good prices. (Open daily, Národní 22)

Craft Beer and Wine Bars

Myslíš? (Do You Think?)

specializes in Czech microbrews from lagers to IPA to stouts. Vegan lunch. (open daily until late, Sat-Sun only, Skorepka 3)

Autentista Wine and Champagne Bar

curated list of organic Czech and international wines, selection of cheeses and cured hams (open daily from 5 PM, Retezová 10)


Tea Houses

Dobrá Cajovna

peaceful, bamboo shaded world, a few steps off the bustle of Wenceslas Square. Light meals served. (Open daily, Václavské Námestí 14)

U zlatého Kohouta (By the Golden Rooster)

 corner of a picturesque and well hidden Old Town courtyard, indoor and outdoor seating (Mon–Fri 1 PM, Sat-Sun from 2 PM, from the end of the Havelská Market farthest from the church, take a sharp right and head down and narrow Havelská Street, looks for a small courtyard entry in the corner on the left at Michalská)





Malá Strana (Lesser Town)

Kofárna Újezd

(Zborovská 60)

Café Kafícko

(Maltézské Námestí 15)

Dobrá Trafika

(Újezd 37)

Lžicka Café

(Tržište 12)

Café Club Míšenská

(Míšenská 3)


Staré Mesto (Old Town)


Grand Café Orient

located in the Cubist House of the Black Madonna, decorated with the Cubist flair. Traditionally round desserts are served square, great balcony seating (Ovocný Trh 19)

Café Café

serves salads, sandwiches, and cakes (long hours daily, Rytírská 10)

Café Montmartre

on the quiet Retezová street, feels like a hidden meeting place for dissident poets from the 1950s (Retezová 7)

Skautský Institut

a hidden gem next to the Astronomical clock, courtyard balconies on 3 floors (Staromestské Námestí 1, next to the Old Town Hall)

Kafka Hummus Café

in the Jewish Quarter (Široká 12)

Crème de la Crème

ice cream (Husova 12)


Nové Mesto (New Town)



Kavárna Slavia

across from the National Theatre, with faded Art Deco interior and celebrity photos on the wall, one of the most famous Prague cafes in the Viennese coffee house tradition. A dissidents’ hangout during the communist regime. Notice the Drinker of Absinth painting on the wall and on the menu (long hours daily, Smetanovo Nábreží 2, sit as near the river as possible)

Café Nona

across from Kavárna Slavia, on the second floor of the Nová Scéna Theater, next to the National Theatre, with its fashionably retro design. (long hours daily, Národní 4)

Café Louvre

listed under the New Town eateries


Art Nouveau Design Shops


Prague is Europe’s best Art Nouveau city and several shops sell Art Nouveau glassware, home, decor, linens, posters, and other items.


thoughtfully curated, specializing in glass with Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and floral motives, good quality gifts, including jewelry by local designers (U Lužického Semináre 7)


downstairs inside the Municipal House. fine selection of Art Nouveau and Art Deco jewelry, glassware, books, etc. (Námestí Republiky 5)



Other Shops



a very special fashion shop with designs of young Czech fashion designers making one-of-a-kind, limited-edition clothes, accessories, and gifts, specializing in retro, streetwear, haute couture and pop art (Karlova 25)


in the House of the Black Madonna. Selection of Czech Cubist dishes, jewelry, furniture, books, and more. (Closed Mon, Ovocný Trh 19)


Czech Puppets


Galerie Michalská

has a wide range of wood, antique, and plaster puppets (Malá Strana - U Luzickeho Seminare 7, another branch in the Old Town at Jilska 22)



excellent store where the puppets are displayed by artist. Options ranging from cheap plastic creations to professional wooden marionettes (Nerudova 51, more showrooms #45 and #47)

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