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Mind-Body Wellness for Life

Let's make yoga empowering to all body types, ages and personalities

No matter your experience level, the intention is to make yoga accessible—to help you improve functioning, increase freedom of movement and feel more confident in your body. The result: Optimal wellness and graceful, embodied living for students of all ages.

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 Yoga Nidra: Deep Relaxation for Stress Relief 

In-Person | Free | Registration Required

Thursday, May 16, 2024, 7:15-8:30 PM

Lucie Kasova Yog - Seated Sun Breaths

Live Group Classes

(Live Online)

Join me for one or all weekly live streamed classes via zoom. Get inspired, challenged and empowered!

  • Hatha Yoga Flow

  • Yoga Therapeutics

  • Integration & Awareness

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Private Sessions

(Online or In-Person)

Personalized one-on-one sessions:

  • Yoga and Mindfulness Coaching

  • Therapeutic Sessions for Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and Other Issues

  • Thai Yoga Bodywork

Lucie Kasova Yoga - Funky Back Bend

On-Demand Classes


Deepen your learning at your own pace, anytime. Over 20 recorded classes to choose from.

  • Hatha Yoga Flow Practices

  • Specific Focus Practices

  • Tutorials


My Unique Approach

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In my study and practice of yoga and meditation of more than two decades, I’ve learned that the physical practice of yoga is both about wellness of body—and a metaphor for living well, navigating the world with skill and grace. The student develops self-knowledge of body mechanics, posture and muscle activation, cultivating new healthy habits. A concept of universal alignment is replaced by a functional approach that acknowledges not only the intention of the posture but each student’s unique biology and biography.


How we develop tension may be due to our inherently unique body structure. Our individuality determines our ability and progress in the yoga practice and its benefits. Many find that as they improve the mechanics of their body, it gradually translates into self-confidence, self-acceptance, and a way to be in the world that’s authentic, emotionally balanced, and empowering.


There’s a powerful paradox at play in yoga. When we focus less on ‘fixing’ what ails us, and more on learning and growing our skills, we learn to balance the dynamic of acceptance and change in a way that empowers us to be our best in surprising ways.

Are You Seeking More Mobility, Vitality and Confidence?

There is much therapeutic potential in yoga for both prevention and healing of injury and imbalance. My intention is to support you to gain strength, mobility, and vitality, grow confidence and improve quality of life.

Integrated Functioning

When the breath, movement, concentration and relaxation come together in yoga practice, we experience integrated functioning. When practiced regularly, physical health, emotional resilience and mental clarity increase.

Free Video

Yoga Sequence to Wake Up Your Core

Activate and engage the key muscles of the core to find more stability and ease of movement. With mindful attention to breath, you’ll move through core-strengthening and balancing poses to build strength and resilience, and cultivate focus.

Do You Want to Feel More at Home in Your Body?

Schedule a Free 20-minute Consultation

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Going Deeper with Online Courses

Are you ready to grow beyond the basics of yoga postures to explore the deeper wisdom and subtle practices that make yoga an ever-evolving process of self-understanding, self-care and empowerment? Join a supportive community of fellow seekers in an experiential 6-week course that explores the inner path of yoga. Each 90-minute session includes conceptual and experiential learning.

ASANA AND BEYOND: Cultivating Self-Mastery for Inspired Living

Self-Paced, Online Course

"The spiritual journey which takes one from the base of an undisciplined life to the highest peak of a disciplined life is variously called the journey of yoga, the journey of the soul, the journey of consciousness, or the journey of eternal truth. This is not a straightforward journey, but a very intricate and uneven one. At times it can feel like an uphill journey all the way."

- Swami Kripalu

Lucie Kasova - Yoga Retreats


Retreats for small groups that can include: yoga + hiking, yoga + creative writing, yoga + cooking

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Private Events

Private yoga/meditation events  for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and more​

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Expert mentoring support for yoga teachers of all abilities

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